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    C h i n a A u t o m o t i v e M a g a z i n e 中国汽车杂志
    11-12/08 BYD F3 leads compact segment sales in Oct. GWM Cool Bar, a better Toyota Scion XB? Chrysler & Chery deal, a lame duck? Chery A6 business sedan launch soon BYD to launch F5 midsize sedan & M6 MPV SAIC & MG joint A-class project, share plants Chery: New CKD in Thailand, 30% lay-offs in CN SAIC & MG joint A-class proj.: MG 6/Roewe750 BAIC to become large OEM with new luxury sedans BAIC 700/800 Warren Buffet invest 181 Euro in BYD US car dealer invest in Brilliance for US entry London CAB Made-inShanghai by Geely HSO Motors Europe optimistic for Brilliance Russian to block Chinese OEM entry Wonder to develop electric motor Magna Steyr expand operations in China Chinese YAPP become global fuel tank supplier Upcoming Events and Exhibitions Advertising China Markt Statistics Meet ABC at Automenika Shanghai, W1 F25 2 3 5 6 7 9 8 9 11
    Issue 13
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    Nov-Dec 2008
    plunged by 10.28% to 522,800 units in November, compared with the same period last year. Sales of sedans fell sharply by 10.94% to 389,600 cars; MPV sales slumped by 29.94% to 14,400 units; and sales of SUVs declined by a meager 3.62% to 35,000 units. Some Chinese carmakers still are strong believer, that “Copy-Paste-Cars“ may be an easy way to attract EU/US customer and break into mature markets. GWM, Shuanghuan, Laibao are just the peak of Chinese IPR raiders (p. 3). However, most countries dislike the free-lunch attitude of carmakers. As an example, Russian government decided to fight-off Chinese car invasion by a number of efficient measures (p. 4 and 17). US-Carmaker are still struggling to survive, so their Chinese undertakings also may get hurt. Finally, the Chery & Chrysler deal is a lame duck (p.5) and even Chery struggle to cope with the sales drop (p.8); lets hope the new A6 business sedan may enter market soon (p.6). The bright star of Chinese carmaker seams to be late-comer BYD with eco-friendly green EV and hybrid technology, excellent sales performance and a range of new cars to see the limelight in 2009 (F5). A cost-efficient, crossplatform development and production is key for business success of SAIC and MG in 2009. MG 6 hatchback and bestselling 5-***** C-NCAP Roewe 550 share more then a vision of China’ s future car industry leadership. After a lot of Chery, GWM SAIC und BYD hype, its now time for Northern China to catch-up fast with BAIC’s ambitious car plans (p.11) . Stay updated on latest developments and subscribe online CAM via our media service:
    http://www.abc-shanghai. com/?newsletter/cam
    J.D. Power predicts that global automotive market [with the exception of P.R. China, CAM thinks] may experience an "outright collapse" in 2009 amid growing con-cerns of the fallouts of worldwide financial crisis. BUT here are some Good News from China: ABC recent research and interviews with industry experts revealed, that the New Asian Detroit is in much better shape than any other automotive region in the world and Chinese carmaker BYD taking the lead (see p. 2). In 2008 the demand for passenger cars may reach 6,2 million units and not being stalled like in Europe and US. Passenger vehicle sales (Car+MPV+SUV+Micro/ Minibus) from January to November 2008 were 5.79 million units, still up 7.3 per cent from the same period in 2007. Volkswagen group (S-VW FAW-VW) and S-GM are leading the rank. So far the good news in challenging times for a large number of businesses around the globe. On 5th December CAAM disclosed, that car sales
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    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 2
    After rebound in October, November car sales plunged by 10%
    China's sedan market finally experienced an remarkable recovery in October, with Chinese car BYD F3 leading the C1 segment (compact car) for the first time, as to CAAM latest figures. this is far away from the growth in the past three years, which always had exceeded 20 percent annually, but still a very good performance As part of this total, 15,343 BYD F3 were sold in October, leading China's sedan sales for the first time ever just three years after its launch. BYD F3 small family car was followed by Jetta and Corolla, posting sales of 14,945 and 14,706 units respectively. The rest of the top ten sedan models by sales in October were Camry, Excelle, Accord, Xiali, Santana, Junjie and Elantra. Total sales of the ten sedan brands were 127,400 units, accounting for 31.10 percent of the total sales volume. The battery and car maker BYD also pushed its sales goal for 2009 up to 400.000 units, including dual-mode hybrid DM series and four new models, the F8 convertible and the MPV M6 and S6. Sales of Chinese brand sedans totaled 112,900 units in October, accounting for 27.57 percent of the sedan market, while international carmakers secured 72.43 percent market share, with 296,700 units sold. The top 10 best-sellers of sedan brands from January to October were Jetta, Santana, Excelle, Corolla, Accord, Camry, QQ, F3, Xiali and Elantra. Total sales of the ten sedan brands were 1.29 million units, accounting for 30.85 percent of the total sales volume. China's annual passenger car sales grew in October after falling for two straight months, official data showed mid
    Overall, a total number of 538,500 passenger cars were sold in October in China, up 8.37 per cent from a year earlier. The rebound comes after car sales fell 1.44 percent in September and 6.24 percent in August, neven seen before declines in the world's fastest growing major market as natural disasters, the Olympics and a slowing economy kept buyers from show-rooms. As to CPCA, car sales (sedans, MPV, SUV, Micro- and minibuses) in China totalled 5.3 million from January to October, still 8 per cent more than the same period in 2007. Although
    November, but analysts doubt it means a solid rebound as consumption slows along with economic growth.
    Source: ABC-Research
    BYD became top independent carmaker in September
    BYD Auto, rose to the 7th place in car sales in September, surpassing both Geely and Chery, as to CAAM. Altghou a a latecomer, the company sold 23,500 cars in 9/08, compared with 17,997 Chery cars. This was the first time that BYD has entered China's Top 10 carmakers in monthly sales. BYD's F3 sedan ranked No. 5 among the Top 10 car models sold in September. Its subcompact F0 city-car, which was launched on September, 2nd, have been sold more then 10,000 times in September only. In comparison, the FAW Xiali model sold 9,941 units and the Chery QQ sold 8,774 units. BYD Auto, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, entered car manufacturing only five years ago by acquiring the failed Qinchuan Automobile in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. BYD Co., Ltd., its parent company, is the world's 2nd largest rechargeable battery manufacturer. The purpose for entering car manufacturing, according to BYD chairman WANG Chuanfu, was to make electric cars. BYD plan launch a dual mode and plug-in hybrid car based on its F3 platform end of 2008.
    Source: Shanghai Daily, 26.11, B4
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 3
    Great Wall wins lawsuit in China, but fails in Europe, no lessons learned?
    A communist intermediary court in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei Province, has found that Great Wall's GWPeri minicar has "distinctive differences on the main, left and right, front and back views" from those of the Fiat Panda. ??But what else could you expect from a Chinese court, told some no-more-naive Western folks to CAM, which all living quite a long time in the 4th Reich of the 21st century“. Turin court does not have any impact on GWPeri's sales in China and non-European counties," Shang said. The ruling is a new setback for Chinese automakers that have been making efforts to tap into overseas markets. Several lawsuits against Chinese automakers have come up in recent years. U.S.-based Visionary Vehicles had filed a lawsuit against Chery Auto for alleged stealing of proprietary information. GM claimed that the Chery QQ was a copy of the Chevrolet Spark. Toyota Motor sued Geely in 2003 for trademark infringement. MercedesBenz has filed a lawsuit against another Shijiazhuang-based manufacturer, Shuanghuan Motor, for alleged copying of its Smart car. Great Walls seams to be until now heavily ‘influenced’ by other famous carmaker’s design, having lead Great Wall in various legal troubles in Italy for its Perry model, which is now banned to enter Europe market. standing of IPR, the company is still continuing to further develop the concept model of Cool Bear, although CAM 9/08 and other car magazines already reported about that the car’s identical ??copy-paste“ design of the famous Toyota’s
    Scion XB. A brave Chinese citizen devoted to European business ethics and culture took – or maybe however a secret Chinese competitor – shot recently the ultimate photo at a Great Wall workshop in Baoding and published in on Chinese Netease auto portal on Internet. He was keen enough to even pulling back the tape on the above silver Scion XB. CAM agrees with ASH of chinacartimes.com, that the Scion XB is quite a cool car with such an ugly design, that its actually appeals to fashionable young drivers. Fortunatly for Great Wall, Toyota did not offer the Scion range in China so far.
    GW Peri with strong Italian roots
    It ruled on July 30th contrary to Fiat's lawsuit against Great Wall for the alleged IPR infringement of the GWPeri on the Panda design. A few days earlier, a Turin court in Italy, however, ruled that the GWPeri was "too similar to" the Fiat Panda and therefore the vehicle will not be allowed for sale in Europe. The court ruling said on July 16 that the GWPeri "does not look like a different car but is a Fiat Panda with a different front end." The Italian court further ruled that Great Wall must pay Fiat a fine of 15,000 Euro for the first GWPeri imported into Europe. Further violations of the court's ruling will cost the Chinese pickup, SUV and car maker 50,000 Euro per car. According to SHANG Yugui, PR director of Great Wall, the company may hire independent professionals to file a possible appeal. "The ruling from the
    Toyota Scion XB at GWM (Copy-)Workshop in Baoding
    Being a typical very proud local carmaker with its own under-
    As to CAMs insight knowledge of Chinese business (un)culture, nobody and nothing is going to stop Great Wall to put this ripeoff into serial production and to watch Toyota‘s reacation from a safe and arrogant distance in the Peoples Republic.
    Source: CAR 11/08 p. 05, CAM 9/08, p. 14, chinacartimes.com
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 4
    Russian government repel GWM’s invasion
    GREAT Wall Motor Co will give up a joint venture in Russia as it failed to negotiate favorable tax benefits from the Russian government, the firm told press on 18th November in a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange. The joint venture, Great Wall Alabuga Motor Open Joint Stock Company, was set up in March 2007 by Great Wall and Land and Property Management Authority of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation. Great Wall owns 75 % of the joint venture and the Tatarstan agency owns the remainder. The joint venture, engaged in the production and trading of automobiles, automotive parts and components, originally planned to start production in 2007. Both parties have resolved to dissolve the joint venture after taking into consideration the prevailing economic slowdown and the failure to win tariff concessions from government. Great Wall has been applying for tariff concessions and tax benefits from the Russian commerce minister but didn't get a reply. Both parties have injected €79,000 as initial capital in the venture and have not pumped in more. Great Wall, the first Chinese privately owned auto maker to list in Hong Kong, said it will continue to work with other Russian partners to sell its products in the Russian and European markets. Great Wall and other major Chinese car makers including Chery Automobile Co and Geely Automotive Holdings all posted falls in sales and profit this year.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-11-19 p. B4
    AVIC suspend cooperation talks with Dongfeng
    It has been "impossible" for the China Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC) to cooperate with Dongfeng Motor as big conflicts occurred during the negotiation between the two sides, GENG Ruguang, vice general manager of AVIC, was quoted by China Business News as saying. AVIC II, one of the two predecessors of the newly-founded AVIC, had been in talks with Dongfeng Motor for cooperation before it was merged into AVIC earlier this month. However, the talks came to nothing and the AVIC is considering cooperation with other domestic automakers, said GENG. Auto-making operations under the new AVIC mainly include Hafei Auto and Changhe Auto, which are the subsidiary auto companies of the former AVIC II. Rumor has it that Dongfeng Motor had the intention to buy shares of Hafei Auto but this plan failed as AVIC preferred to put a sellout package with both Hafei and Changhe together. TAN Ruisong, vice general manager of AVIC, ever announced that the new AVIC will restructure the aviation business and automotive business. The automotive business will be operated by the capital management department. Hafei Auto and Changhe Auto have been under Hongkong listed AviChina Industry &Technology Company, Geng told the reporters yesterday.
    Source: http://www.huliq.com/3169/73302/avic-dropscooperation-talks-dongfeng-auto
    Peugeot cuts China jobs as sales slips
    FRENCH car giant PSA Peugeot Citroen has cut 1,000 temporary staff at its Chinese venture after sales declined. The workers were mainly on short-term contracts, which weren't renewed from last Saturday, Alexis Vannier, a Beijing-based Peugeot spokesman, said yesterday. The venture, part-owned by Dongfeng Motor Group Co, previously employed 9,000 people. Peugeot, like Volkswagen, has trimmed production in China after industry-wide sales fell for
    Nov-Dec 2008
    the first time in three years in August and September because of a slowing economy and a stock-market slump. Peugeot cut its full-year earnings target and said production will be slashed 30 percent last month following a "collapse" in global demand. "Almost all of the car makers in China are concerned by the slowdown in the market," Vannier told Bloomberg News. "Most of the car makers are reducing production and staff at their factories."
    Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co's car sales to dealers fell by 6.2 percent in the first nine months from a year earlier to 140,922, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. That compares with an 11-percent increase for the overall market. Greater efficiency and improved manufacturing processes also contributed to the reduction in staff numbers, according to Hu Xindong, a spokesman for Dongfeng Motor.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-11-06 p. B3
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 5
    Chinese government backs struggling car industry
    CHINA'S government is discussing policies to help auto makers boost sales and fend off the global financial crisis, according to the country's top planning agency. The government is analyzing policy options, including consumption-tax breaks and subsidies to manufacturers which develop vehicles powered by alternative energies, Chen Jianguo, deputy head of the industrial coordination department of the National Development and Reform Commission, told a conference in Tianjin on Saturday. Chinese auto makers are facing falling demand and plunging profitability amid rising costs. The country's auto sales fell in August and September as a 64percent stock-market slump and the economic slowdown curbed demand. The government held a meeting in Beijing on Saturday of more than 10 auto makers to gather industry suggestions. "It is possible the government may announce policies" to help revive the industry, Chen said. Chinese car makers have been forced to slash prices, even as steel costs have risen, to compete. SAIC Motor Corp, China's biggest auto maker, saw a 78percent drop in its third-quarter profit, Bloomberg News reported. Chongqing Chang'an Automobile, Ford's Chinese partner, had a third-quarter loss of 12.5 million euro compared to a 8-million-euro profit a year earlier. China's car sales rose 11 percent in the first nine months, compared to a 22-percent rise for the whole of last year. The government is also urging auto makers to take advantage of a reshuffle in the global automobile industry and speed up development of vehicles using alternative energies, Chen said. China's government will help auto makers with technology and financial support to make progress in the area of electric cars, he added.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-11-10 p. B3
    Chery & Chrysler deal is a lame duck, Chery lay-off workforce
    the safety and emission standards of the U.S. market in the near future." Chrysler and Chery never said when Chery-made cars would arrive in U.S. showrooms. In a May interview with Automotive News, LaSorda's said plans for the U.S. showrooms were encountering difficulties. "We need small cars," LaSorda, now co-president of Chrysler, said. "Chery's cars are still not ready for that exposure into these markets." He said Chinabuilt cars probably won't be ready to meet U.S. safety and emissions standards for "three years or more." Plans to also bring Chery-made cars to Mexico for Chrysler are also on hold, says the former Chery executive. Mid November, Chery spokesman Jin Yibo, annotated: "We have no further information to release at this stage." "We're not aware of any change to the status to our relationship with Chery," said David ELSHOFF, Chrysler spokesperson in Detroit. China's slowing auto market is hitting Chery hard, and sources say it is laying off employees and freezing development of some news models. A Chery supplier, who declined to be identified, said Chery is cutting sales targets by at least 50 percent for the second half of this year. The nation's fourth biggest car maker became the latest car manufacturer to reduce jobs and suspend production after the world's second largest auto market also fell victim to the global financial crisis that has caused a major slowdown in sales. JIN Yibo, Chery assistant general manager, said yesterday that the company would cut jobs for interns and short-term
    In July 2007, Tom LaSorda, Chrysler CEO at the time, touted a deal in which Chery Automobile Co. would supply Chrysler with small cars for North America. Today, neither Chrysler nor Chery are commenting on the deal, originally scheduled to start bringing cars to Mexico this year. And a source in China says it looks dead -- or at least on the back burner. "I wouldn't place much hope on it," says a former Chery executive familiar with the Chrysler deal. "Both companies have their own problems to deal with, and both have run out of money." He says the substandard quality of Chery's cars was a major obstacle. "Chery knows there is no way for these cars to meet
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    NEW MODELL: Chery A6
    contractors. The company did not disclose how many staff members it would lay off. The statement was made after media reports said Wuhu, Anhui Province-based Chery was considering cutting its head count by 30 percent, including more than 6,000 interns and provisional employees after sales posted a sharp decline.
    Page 6
    The home-grown vehicle specialist has around 20,000 employees.
    Source: http://www.autonewschina.com/ en/article.asp?id=2014, ABC Research
    Chery A6 D-segment car may hit market end of this year
    The long-time expexting Chery A6 (B21) is set to replace the rapidly aging Chery Eastar (B11), which was Chery’s first full size sedan. the B21 compact executive A6 are booth assigned to the same segment, whereas Eaststar originally named Oriental son attracting the the lowerend market, while the A6 wants to break into the D2 midsize luxury higheend market already. The original design has been carried out by Bertone and being based on popular European design style; Chery is especially proud of the enhanced active and passive safety equipment. The high-end version of A6 shall have up to 8 airbags (DAB, PAB, SAB, KAB), a specially reinforced body structure to meet Euro-NCAP specification. The exterior styling seems to be really well done, the rear lights have a hint of S-Class styling, but the interior although possibly not a finished product, appears to be aiming at the Camry segment, but obviously priced at a lot lower level. The manual transmission appears to be a worry, MG only had mediocre sales with their MG7 manual when it was launched, we hope that Chery not only target international markets and shall also provide for the lazy gear shifting Chinese driver an automatic transmissions.
    Chery A6 and Eastar
    First reported in CAM August edition 2006, p. 11, with a projected SOP in October the same year as to New Auto magazine, the new flagship D-segment passenger car has still not arrived at Chery dealers in Shanghai.
    Chery's delaying the export of their B21, but it's not for anything major like crash performance woes. According to suppliers, Chery has pushed back production so they can revamp the interior design.
    Nice design of center break hand lever console ?
    A6 at Beijing Autoshow 2008
    The new A6, which may get itself into some trouble with Audi, is a completely different car and will come in hatchback and sedan form, the hatchback could mean that Chery are getting closer to a European debut. The B11 mid-size Eaststar and
    The interior design and material color and haptic may be sufficient to the Chinese domestic market, but for the Western car driver it is much less thrilling. So finally, Chery designer decided to refurbish the dashboard, the center console and other cabin styling elements, before it finally has its SOP by end of this year.
    Source: ABC-Research
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 7
    BYD may launch new cars in 2009 and reassess US market entry
    Rumors were afloat, that Chinese carmaker BYD was said to unveil a series of new models at the 6th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition. Among them should have been the F4, F5 mid-sized sedans, the M6 MPV, the S6 a large SUV and the F8 Convertible. chassis, whereas the M6 is a medium MPV model also based on a mid-class car chassis. BYD said its M6 and S6 are all-new in-house developed models and not derived from its already launched F6 model. opportunity.” BYD representatives sound cautiously optimistic. While remaining noncommittal, Henry LI general manager of BYD’s automobile sales division, told Sustainable Life that he was impressed by Portland’s green reputation. “The top factor is a place that is environmentally friendly, where people have a green mind-set,” Li said. “That’s very important.” BYD envisions eventually selling the F3DM and F6DM in the
    BYD F5 Sedan Design
    BYD F8 Convertible
    Major dimensions vary, with the F5 being 4,600 mm long, 1,760 mm wide and 1,490 mm high, a little bit roomier than the F4. The F5 will use BYD's selfdeveloped 1.8l engine. The M6 MPV measures 4600mm x 1760mm x 1490 mm, with a 2,950mm wheelbase. The F8 is a hardtop convertible that is scheduled to go on sale in China next year.
    In addition, BYD will also showcase its F3DM powered by its self-developed iron batteries at the show. The battery can be recharged for more than 2,000 times and can power the car to run over 600,000 miles. The car equipped with BYD's batteries can travel as long as 100 miles after one charging, much longer than the 25-mile duel model vehicles offered by other automakers. BYD evaluate enter US markets Mid September 2008, Representatives from BYD met with Oregon Governor Ted KULONGOSKI, U.S. Sen. Gordon SMITH, Portland Mayor Tom POTTER, Mayor-elect Sam ADAMS and a number of other local representatives who were trying to persuade the Chinese carmaker to make Portland to its distribution hub, its North American headquarters, or even its U.S. manufacturing base. “It’s still more a dream than a goal,” says Rick SNYDER, CEO of EcoMotion, an electric-car dealer on Northeast Sandy Boulevard. “At first blush, it seems like we’re a long way from Detroit. But we do have some manufacturing expertise – we should really jump on this
    North American market. The cars would likely will sell in the US for $25,000 to $30,000. The company’s immediate need is to find a location to test-drive its cars for the North American market. Beyond that, it soon will want to identify a point of entry where it can import cars made in China.
    BYD FO Compact Car
    BYD M6 MPV Design
    According to Jin LAN, a China business consultant based in Vancouver, Wash., BYD probably will want to eventually establish a manufacturing plant in North America, just as Japanese companies have done. Besides Chery, BYD has to be on the most inspiring Chinese companies. BYD only came into the car business several years ago when they bought a bankrupt state car maker, thus giving them the required license to build cars, from that point on, BYD were flying.
    Source: ABC-Research
    As CAM could not retrieve any further information and picture, we tried to get confirmation from the export manager Alex ZHU, who denied this rumours: “BYD is not going to introduce new car models during the Guangzhou exhibiton. However we are working on some exciting new vehicles”, he added. The S6 is even a larger SUV model based on a mid-class car
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    OEM News
    Page 8
    Chery may cancel 30% of workforce in China
    Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. told press end of October that it is planning to cut dramatically its labor force in response to the slumping automotive industry. The nation’s fourth biggest car maker became the latest car manufacturer to reduce jobs and suspend production after the world’s second largest auto market also fell victim to the global financial crisis that has caused a major slowdown in sales. Toyota Motor Corp, Chang’an Ford Mazda Automobile Co Ltd and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Co Ltd have all taken action. JIN Yibo, Chery assistant general manager, told public on 31st October 2008 that the company is going to cut jobs for interns and short-term contractors. The company did not disclose how many staff members it would lay off. The statement was made after media reports said Wuhu, Anhui Province-based Chery was considering cutting its head count by 30 percent, including more than 6,000 interns and provisional employees after sales posted a sharp decline. The home-grown vehicle specialist has around 20,000 employees. “Chery’s sales have been hurt by both weak demand on the domestic market as well as dropping exports because of the financial crisis,” said JIA Xinguang, former chief analyst from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Chery’s sales tumbled 47 percent to 17,997 units in September, outpacing the 1.44percent dip for overall passenger car sales. Thirdquarter sales also slid 12 percent to 221,196 units from the same period of last year, according to CAAM. Jin said the move was among a raft of measures Chery had taken to meet the current challenges in the industry, but the car maker remained confident about next year and said it planned to launch new models soon. Besides Chery, Toyota Motor Corp has also suspended production in its manufacturing facility in Guangzhou while Chang’an Ford Mazda Automobile Co Ltd stopped contracts with temporary workers. Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Co Ltd, which makes Peugeot 307 and Citroenbranded vehicles, has planned to cut nearly 1,000 jobs.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-10-31 p. B4
    Chery to setup CKD production in Thailand
    On 14th November, a glory cooperation agreement signing ceremony between Chery and Thai Chery Yarnyon was held in Hefei, the provincial capital city of Anhui where Chery is located, signifying that Chery officially entered the Thai market. Thai Chery Yarnyon Co. Ltd. was jointly invested by Thai Chia Tai Group and Thai Yarnyon Co., Ltd. As stipulated by the agreement, Thai Chery Yarnyon Co., Ltd will be the sole distributor of Chery in Thailand which will assemble Chery cars from SKD parts and sell them to Thai market and other Southeast Asian countries. In the early stage of production, the estimated annual capacity of the company is 5,000units; Chery QQ3 and Tiggo are the two key models. Thailand is a huge auto market in ASEAN, annual sales volume reaching
    Nov-Dec 2008
    650,000units. Auto industry flourishes in this country, as almost every world-renowned automaker has established plant in Thailand. As the largest European car assembler, distributor and dealer in Thailand, Thai Yarnyon Co., Ltd has engaged in auto industry for 45 years. With its rich experience in Thai auto sales and after-sales service, plus its wide-spread sales network, Yarnyon has the ability to accelerate Chery’s entry into Thai market, thus ensuring Chery’s success in this country. In his speech, the Board Chairman of Chery Yarnyon, Vithit Leenutaphong mentioned, ‘we are not only a distributor of Chery in Thailand, we will also promote Chery’s development in this market, making it a brand recognized, favored and pursued by the vast customers.
    We will create an as successful Thai Chery story as Chinese Chery story.’The President and Chairman of Chery, Mr. YIN Tongyao expressed, ‘we have already prepared this project for 3 years. Chery and Thai Chery Yarnyon are bound to succeed in Thailand.’Chery’s entry into the Thai market by the help of Thai Chery Yarnyon created a new mode of fast overseas market exploitation and is another significant measure of Chery to build an international famous brand. Hence, it is undoubtedly a critical ‘chessman’ of Chery in its internationalization. Meanwhile, the advanced manufacturing technologies, abundant product lines and mature product quality of Chery will assist Thai Chery Yarnyon in obtaining success in Thai auto market.
    Source: http://www.cheryglobal.com/mtzx/index.jsp
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 9
    SAIC & MG share resources, new A-class platform for MG5, Roewe 350
    SAIC top man Mr. CHEN Zhi Xin, announced recently that Roewe and MG will unite together for research, production, scope, purchasing and share investment resources to build their respective brands. SAIC plans to merge its production bases into one east coast production base, the three factories, Pukou (Nanjing), Lin Gang,, Yi Zheng and An Ting (Shanghai) will be managed together and streamlined to produce cars as to SAIC’s portfolio. According to SAIC‘s plans, the company will no longer be based on different brands, but rather on the platforms model. The Nanjing factory is said to concentrate on production of Asegment cars and small engines. Lin Gang site shall focus on assembling B-segment cars, as well as continue production of Roewe 750. The factory also shall produce the Ssangyong SUVs in China. At the Lin Gang operation, six different types of cars shall be roll off assembling line, including the Roewe 550, the next generation 750 as well as the successor of famous Rover K series engines, the N-series. stage, and could also be produced in the Lin Gang plant. MG plans also a new A-segment compact car, which will be available as hatchback and sedan model. A small MPV is also on the agenda of NAC and the work on a compact car in the B2-segment is in progress, these cars may be named the MG 5 and MG 6. The MG6 will be launched in 2009 shortly after the launch of the MG7 model with automatic transmission.MG spokesman, JIAN Lu Qiang revealed that the MG6 will not be based on the Roewe 550 platform, but it looks quite similar as to our research. New MG plant in Pukou The second phase of the MG facility, located in Pukou, Nanjing, has began construction after Chinese auto giant SAIC invested 297 million Euro. Construction of the facility, will be completed in 2009, as to GAO Yunhang, assistant general manager of MG sales company. The plant shall have an annual capacity of 200,000 vehicles and 250,000 engines, as to Mr. GAO. The small engines are all turbocharged engines ranging from 1.3L to 1.5L, he added. From the A-class platform booth models, the MG 5 and the new Roewe 350 will be developed. An internal source of MG also intimidated that an MPV, a hatchback and sedan models shall follow later The MG 6 is actually the hatchback model of Roewe 550. MG, which went on sale in last August, couldn’t enlarge its market share by an MT edition as 90% middle- and high-class car market is occupied by AT models. Data show that MG posted a good sales growth after the MG7 equipped with an
    New NAC MG 6
    AT/MT co-developed with Japanese manufacturer of automatic transmissions, AISIN Co. Ltd. New MG 6 hatchback Based heavily on the Roewe 550 saloon, the new MG 6 car has a pert rear, and an aggressive front end more in tune with the sporting ambitions of the MG marque.
    Its Chinese-built N Series engine (a development of the original K Series) comes in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged 1.8litre forms. Outputs will range from 120PS to 160PS, and there are even plans for a 200PS hot hatch, too.
    SAIC Roewe 550
    The next generation Roewe 750 is expected to enter the market in either 2009. As for MG brands, the next generation MG7 is also under development
    The MG will feature stiffer springs with compliant damping, and suspension settings are currently being honed in both China and the UK. Partner SAIC and brand owner of the Rover has tasked staff at Leamington Spa, Warks, with testing these sportier settings. Roewe 550 test mules have been seen pounding around the Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire.
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    It’s believed that the Longbridge-built model will be renamed in the tradition of the post 2001 ‘Zed’ range, and will undercut its mainstream rivals. NAC-MG’s sales and marketing director, Gary HAGEN, recently stated that he was looking to position the cars with value for money in mind. The new MG will look different in European and Chinese forms, with the Longbridge line being specifically tailored for the western market. NAC-MG UK’s finances are currently somewhat limited, and a significant financial injection from China will be needed to ensure that the plans for Longbridge will come to fruition. However, top brass understand the
    Page 10
    value of building MGs in the UK to retain brand credibility. Nanjing Auto’s MG sales in October increased by 22% year on year. The MG3-series MT editions posted significantly better sales than the AT editions, taking 60% of the total sales.
    Source: ABC-Research
    BAIC aims at ranking 4th as OEM in 2010
    In a recent interview with auto.sohu.com, XU Heyi, chairman of Beijing Automotive Industry (Holding) Corp. (BAIC), said the company will make every effort to become China's No. 4 largest auto group by 2010. According to XU's plan, the Beijing-based auto group aims to be a member of the Global Top 500, and realize a capacity of two million and sales of 1.8 million vehicles by the end of 2010. Sixty 1.400.000 percent of the vehicles 1.200.000 will take independent 1.000.000 brand badges and 30 percent will be exported. 800.000 XU was confident that his group would realize its goal despite "heavy pressure and challenge."
    600.000 400.000 200.000 0 SAIC FAW Dongfeng Chang'an
    pacity to be realized at its Zhuzhou base currently under construction. "At best, our capacity may reach 2.4 million. But at the least we should be able to accomplish 2.1 to 2.2 million units," said XU. BAW's Zhuzhou base in Hunan Province was broken ground on August 26. The project has an investment of 400 million Euro, which is the highest among all the projects that Zhuzhou muTop five automakers by sales, Jan.-Aug., 2008 (in unit)
    1.176.056 1.084.405 903.799
    tiveness will be our major consideration. We will never launch products that are not competitive in the market," Xu told auto.sohu.com. Last year BAIC totaled sales of 700,000 vehicles and revenues of 7,5 billion Euro, ranking No. 5 among auto groups in the country. However, the road is apparently tough for the group to expand its capacity to two million in about two years. Among the major businesses of BAIC, BeiqiFoton remains the most aggressive and is likely to become stronger after joining 556.633 hands with Daimler, according to industry analysts. But Beijing-Hyundai's expansion will be a challenge because of the hot contested passenger vehicle market.
    Beiqi-Foton, which has lately signed a JV agreement with Daimler to produce heavy-duty vehicles, is expected to produce at least 800,000 vehicles by 2010.
    nicipal government has undertaken. Earlier reports said the plant will build stamping, welding, painting, assembly and powertrain facilities, and manufacture vehicles including light trucks, medium trucks, pickups, light buses, SUVs and MPVs. With a capacity of 200,000 whole vehicles, the assembly is expected to be completed in 2010. As for the sales target, XU said it would depend on the market. "Market demand and competi-
    Beijing-Hyundai, passenger vehicle joint venture between BAIC and Korea's Hyundai, would build a third plant and lift capacity from 600,000 to one million units. Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) is likely to reach the mark of 300,000 units a year, with the addition of the 200,000-unit ca-
    Recently BAIC is reportedly meeting with some domestic auto companies to negotiate possible mergers. Xu confirmed such news: "Before the end of this year, BAIC will form a tie-up with one or two State-owned companies, and we will jointly announce the result."
    Source: CAR 08/10, p.5
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    OEM News
    Page 11
    BAIC Holding group eyes south production base for own cars
    THE Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp will continue to seek mergers and acquisitions and develop self-branded vehicles despite the financial crisis which has slowed its overall sales, Chairman XU Heyi said in Shanghai yesterday. added. lenges. "It will help lower our costs in buying a smaller company," he said. Beijing Auto has cut its sales target from 1 million units to 800,000 units for this year after a significant drop in market demand for commercial vehicles. Besides its Foton brand in the commercial vehicle sector, car maker Beiqi also plans to launch its self-developed cars in 2010, probably under the Beijing brand, targeting the mid-tohigh class segment initially.
    BAIC 800 Luxury sedan concept
    BAIC 700 sedan concept
    The nation's fifth-largest car maker hopes to cooperate with others to have another manufacturing base in south China, XU said at the CEIBS 6th Annual China Automotive Industry Forum. "As a car maker based in Beijing in the north of China, we would like to expand to the south," said XU. "The cooperation should be helpful to fill in the blanks in our product line-up and welldeveloped logistics and spare parts industry are also needed to facilitate the production," he
    The Chinese partner of Daimler and Hyundai is reported to have been in talks with a number of domestic car makers as part of the government's intention to consolidate the fragmented industry and improve its competitiveness.
    BAIC 700R Roadster concept
    Beiqi Foton is also developing smaller passenger cars to help it grab market share in second and third-tier cities.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-11-08 http://www.shanghaidaily.com/sp/ article/2008/200811/20081108/ article_379882.htm
    BAIC 700R Roadster concept
    XU said the current financial crisis provided Beijing Auto with more opportunities than chal-
    FAW to increase output capacity for Besturn B50
    CHANGCHUN, Jilin FAW Car Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of FAW Group, announced on August 27 to increase its annual production capacity from the current 200,000 to 400,000 vehicles by the end of 2012. Of the total 50 percent will be its independent brands and 50 percent Mazda brands. Covering an area of 200,000 square meters, the output capacity expansion project is to include a welding, assembly
    Nov-Dec 2008
    and painting shop, office building, utility power facilities and logistics center. Production will start in 2010. Three car models on the platforms of A130 and A131 are scheduled to be pro-
    duced there. The output capacity increase of FAW Car will help FAW Group to reach the target of annual production of over three million vehicles in 2012. FAW plans to expand its annual output capacity to 3.48 million units by 2012, according to Zhao Fangkuan, FAW Group Party secretary at the company's business conference held early this year.
    Source: CAR 08/10 p. 26
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 12
    Warren Buffet to invest 181 million Euro in BYD
    MidAmerican Energy Holdings is buying a 10 percent stake in the Chinese battery and carmaker, which is marrying its battery technology with plug-in hyium-ion batteries for cell phones, counting Nokia, Motorola and Samsung among its customers. The company also develops and makes other cellphone parts. But MidAmerican's interest in BYD lies in the Chinese company's battery development for storing solar and wind power, said David Sokol at a press conference in Hong Kong (via Bloomberg). Lithium-ion batteries have become the energy storage of choice for some electric carmakers. Lithium-ion batteries can hold more juice than other types of car batteries today, but lithium-ion is much more expensive. BYD entered the car business in 2003 with the acquisition of the Tsinchuan Automobile Co. The company, which has been selling gasoline-powered cars, intends to build a plug-in hybrid electric car by the end of this year, the New York Times reported last month. In January, the company said it would launch vehicles using its batteries in October, and would bring them to the United States in three to five years. BYD, which is also developing allelectric models, has bumped up its timeline and would like to sell its hybrid cars in the United States by 2010, according to the New York Times. The company claims that its batteries could give hybrids a range of 250 miles and the ability to recharge 50 percent in 10 minutes, and could be added to hybrid and electric cars for $6,000. Overall, BYD has seven manufacturing centers in China and employs about 130,000 workers worldwide. The Chinese company generated $3.1 billion (2,4 million Euro) revenue in 2007, up 64 percent from $1.89 billion (1,49 million Euro) in 2006, as to the company's annual report. BYD made a profit of $248.37 million (195 million Euro) in 2007, compared with 165.1 million (130 million Euro) in 2006. Chinese customers accounted for 64 percent of its sales in 2007, while Europe and the United States represent 10 percent and 7 percent of its sales for the same year. BYD's annual report doesn't breakdown the geographic regions for the remaining 19 percent.
    Source: http://www.greentechmedia.com/ articles/buffet-invests-230m-in-byd1488.html
    brids and all-electric cars. MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., a subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., plans to invest about $230 million - 181 million Euro - in BYD Co., a Chinese car and battery maker, the companies said Monday in Hong Kong. Des Moines, Iowa-based MidAmerican has agreed to buy 225 million shares, which represent a 10-percent stake in the public traded BYD. The company, founded in 1995 and based in Shenzhen, China, operates two divisions: information tevhnology and automobiles. BYD claims to be the world's largest maker of nickel and lith-
    Beijing government invest 2.3 billion Euro in green cars
    The Ministry of Finance will spend up to 2.3 billion Euro over four years to support the manufacture and consumption of alternative-energy vehicles, a ministry official announced on 29th November 2008. “The government will subsidies carmakers and implement tax concessions to customers whole buy an environmentally friendly vehicle,” WANG Baoan said at a vehicle conference in
    Nov-Dec 2008
    Chongqing. “Public transportation, taxis and postal cars will be replaced with alternative-energy vehicles,” he said. “Chongqing will be the first city in the trial.” Mr. WANG did not disclose whether the 2.3 billion Euro is part of the government’s 4 trillion yuan stimulus package. Science and Techonology Minis-
    ter WAN Gang said earlier this month in Tianjin that the central government was going to launch a massive scheme for the promotion of green cars. “For the remaining two years of the 11th five-year plan (20062010) and during the 12th fiveyear plan period (2011-2015), the Ministry of Science and Technology will proactively support carmakers to develop and commercialise alternative-energy ve?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    hicles,” said Mr. Wan. Industry sources said the ministries of finance, science and technology, industry and information technology, along with the National Development and Reform Commission, would jointly announce details of the subsidies and tax concessions by the end of this year. “The government may announce cuts in corporate taxes and the consumption tax as the incentives to make and buy green cars,” the industry source said. Car owners must pay a 10 percent consumption tax and a 17 percent value-added tax when they buy a vehicle. Mainland media reported in May the government was discussing the possibility of cutting the VAT from 17 percent in the second half to reduce the cost of buying hybrid or diesel cars. Guangdong-based BYD-10 percent owned by Warren Buffettwill be the first mainland carmaker to launch a plug-in hybrid, F3DM, in Shenzhen next month. So far, SAIC Motor Corp, Dongfeng Motor and Great Wall Motor have said they were going to develop electric vehicles. But none have disclosed a precise timeline for launching their zero-emission products or the scale of production. Some other carmakers, including Anhui-based Chery Automobile and Chongqing’s Changan Automobile, donated hybrid vehicles during the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.
    Page 13
    Carmakers such as Guangzhou Automotive Industry Corp and South Korea’s Hyundai Motor have suggested that Beijing introduce substantial tax concessions as a way to encourage consumers to buy low-emission vehicles. “Beijing should implement a fuel tax during this period of low international crude prices,” said Guangzhou Automotive chairman Zeng Qinghong. “In addition, the government should think of reducing the consumption tax. This is an effective way to boost vehicle sales.”
    Source: South China Morning Post 200811-29 p. B3
    US car dealer McCombs invest in Brilliance
    Brilliance China Automotive Holdings has drawn in as an investor and possible importer a prominent Texas dealer, B.J. (Red) McCombs, owner of a San Antonio-based group that includes Ford, Lexus and Toyota franchises. Under an agreement signed early this year, McCombs has bought 70.2 million Euro worth of Brilliance auto shares, which are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. What bought McCombs and Brilliance China chairman WU Xiao a together was their common devotion to basketball. McCombs is the owner of professional basketball’s champion team, the San Antonio Spurs. Wu is a zealous basketball fan in China and has said Brilliance could enter the U.S. market next year with the midsize BS6 sedan. As part of the accord, McCombs is building a model auto dealership in China for Brilliance dealers to use a training center for aftermarket and pre-owned sales. Brilliance is partnered with BMW as a builder of the German automaker’s 3-Series and 5-Series cars. German media have forecast that Brilliance cars could be exported to Europe and the U.S. as a separate franchise for BMW dealers. Brilliance China Automotive Holdings sold 303,690 new vehicles in China last year, including trucks and buses. McCombs’s daughter, Marsha Shields, vice president of the McCombs dealer group, visited Brilliance headquarters last January in the north China city of Shenyang. WU then paid McCombs a visit at his home in San Antonio. The eight-store McCombs group ranked 37th in 2007 on the Automotive News Top 125 Dealer Group list. It reported revenues of 568.04 million Euro for 2007, on sales of 16,604 new cars. Brilliance has formed a partnership in China with FAW, the automaker which has put its subcompact Xiali F1, F4 and F5 cars on sale in Mexico and is building an assembly plant in Mexico. McCombs has been a Ford dealer in Texas since the 1950s and is an acquaintance of the new CEO of the FAW manufacturing and marketing venture south of the border, former Ford manufacturing group vice president, Kathleen LIGOCKI.
    Source: CAR 08/09 p. 28
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 14
    London cab Made-in-Shanghai ready to roll
    LONDON Taxis are as British as bowler hats and Big Ben, but the latest models coming off a new assembly line in Shanghai are unlikely to ever touch an English road. At a sprawling factory in the suburbs of Shanghai, workers are busily gearing up for fullscale production of one of Britain's most iconic vehicles. It's part of an odd alliance that aims to give the distinctive black cab a greater presence outside its namesake city. London Taxi International, which will continue to build nine out of 10 cabs used in Britain at a factory in Coventry, England, couldn't grow production at its small-scale, high-cost plant. So it turned to a partner, and to China, for overseas expansion. "To say the writing was on the wall would be pushing it a bit too far, but you do need to make progress within the automotive industry," said Paul Stowe, a British auto executive who is overseeing the joint venture between Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC, owner of London Taxi International, and Geely Group Holdings, one of China's biggest independent auto makers. The venture was bearing fruit already, Stowe said, with agreements signed to sell 6,000 London Taxis from the Shanghai
    New TX4 London cab
    factory, more than double the Coventry plant's annual output. Most will go to cities outside China - places like Singapore, Dubai and Moscow - that covet the image associated with the London Taxis' tradition of good service and durability. The cars are unlikely to displace other vehicles used as taxis in China, given their higher price. Instead, LTI expected to sell them mostly to hotels, limousine services, airports, and individual collectors, Stowe said.
    Trial production of London Taxi's TX4, equipped with 2.4-liter Mitsubishi engines, began last week in Geely's Maple factory in Shanghai's scenic canal town of Fengjing. By mid-December, the plant will launch mass production. By boosting volume, LTI expected to reduce costs by up to 60 percent, with most of the savings coming not from cheaper labor but from less costly parts, Stowe said. The price for the vehicles hasn't been disclosed, but will be significantly cheaper than the British-made models, which sell for about 30,000 British pounds (US$54,000), according to Stowe. "Classical British Icon with Traditional Chinese Spirit," reads one of the many slogans in the factory. "It's pretty cool to see a British car traveling on the street of Shanghai, just like in a movie scene," said XU Bin, senior auto trend editor for the local magazine Metropolis. But much will depend on how Geely, which is in charge of selling the cars in China and the rest of Asia, decides to market the vehicle.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-09-05 p. A2
    Manganese Bronze Holdings hunted for nearly a decade for a suitable Chinese partner. Geely, likewise, was looking for a chance to bring onboard the new technology and quality upgrades it needs to get ahead in China's competitive market, without risking being swallowed by a huge international rival. "We were the right size and available at the right time it works well for both companies," said Stowe.
    HSO Motor Europe importer for Brilliance confident
    PARIS - The European importer of Brilliance automobiles, HSO Motors Europe, will begin selling BS4 sedans in Germany and Greece in December, and in the Baltic countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia soon after.
    Nov-Dec 2008
    The European arrival of sporty Csegment sedan, after several years of preparation, comes at a good time for Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited, which saw its passenger car sales decline in China in the first half of 2008, leading to an un-
    audited loss before taxation of €16.2 million in the period, compared to a small profit of 81,300 Euro (!) a year earlier. The press announcement at the Paris auto show, the Mondial de l'Autmobile, drew a crowd of
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    about 50 international journalists. The turnout was far fewer than for the major European carmakers, but it was twice as many as the other Chinese importer at the show, China Automobile France, the distributor for the Shuanghuan sport utility CEO, which introduced two new products: a dune-buggy made by a Zhejiang-based engine maker China Xingyue Group and a prototype electric car that the company intends to manufacture itself using Chinese technology. HSO and its French distributor, Asie Auto, had four models on display: The BS2, BS4 and BS6 sedans and BC3 coupe. Hans Ulrich SACHS, CEO of HSO Motors Europe, said he expects the BS4 to be the volume car in Europe. The BS2 will go on sale next year. Brilliance was represented at the show by vice president He Guohua. Brilliance has capacity for about 300,000 vehicles a year, but its production and sales have been declining compared to a year ago, which led to the first half operating loss.
    Page 15
    liance to have 800 dealers in 19 European countries by 2010, run by 12 different distribution companies. "We select dealers with a wide customer base, selling cars like Mitsubishi, Nissan or Chrysler," said Sachs. "They are used to the daily street fight." The cars have been homologated in Germany under national rules, but they do not yet have European approval for all countries.
    BS4 Splendor for EU
    In a press release from Hong Kong, where shares in Brilliance holding company are traded, the company said its Shenyang automotive operating division, Brilliance-Jinbei, had sold 33,520 mini buses in the first half, down 4.3 percent from 35,038 a year earlier, and 33,221 Zhonghua cars, down 44.9 percent from 60,287 a year earlier. Thanks to its 49.5 percent indirect holding in BMW Brilliance joint venture, the holding company showed an overall profit for the first half of €2.6 million, compared to €9.5 million in the first half of 2007.The BMW joint venture unit sales were up only 1.7 percent in the first half to 16,543, but a decrease in tariffs on imported components contributed to a 107 percent increase in profits for Brilliance. Sachs is enthusiastic about his opportunities. "Now that we have four cars, we are a real automaker," he said. "This is only the beginning, and we have another product offensive coming in 2009, with the BS4 station wagon first shown at the Beijing Auto Show in April." He said HSO has 132 dealerships in Germany and 50 in Greece. He said he expects Bril-
    Modified BS6 on test-track
    In France, said Asie Auto CEO Elisabeth Young, "We will wait for European homologation. It is important that French customers understand the quality of Brilliance cars."
    BS2 FRV Compact Car
    He indicated the price would be the strong point for the marque, attracting customers despite the sometimes shaky quality reputation of Chinese products since the 2006 crash test of a Landwind in Germany. "We are the newcomer, our vehicles are in the middle class," he said through an interpreter. "We have the advantage of price, and we hope to use this advantage here in Europe." Sachs said Brilliance cars will sell for about 10 percent less — only, CAM note — than their European competitors.
    BC3 Sport Coupe
    Sachs said one challenge for Brilliance is to "convince customers that we are a globally oriented company. Our cars have European engineering, Italian design and Mitsubishi engines."
    Source: CAR 08-11 p. 03
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 16
    US carmakers may face tough task in fire sale to Chinese investors
    Distressed United States carmakers are eager to sell off parts of their business to raise cash, but industry experts say Chinese companies will take a cautious approach to possible acquisitions. "There are many small-scale deals around, like selling off the carmakers' parts companies, finance units and part of the supply chain as the US car giants now are cash-starved," said one source. "They will keep doing that even though the US Congress may offer a bailout." Sources said Merrill Lynch had been entrusted by General Motors Corp to seek buyers in China for its power train manufacturing unit. "Dongfeng Motor Group touched base with the US car giant initially, but finally showed no intention of buying the asset," said another source close to Dongfeng, the third-largest carmaker in China. HU Xindong, Dongfeng's head of investor relations, said investment banks did pitch acquisitions of GM assets to the company but would not say if a deal would proceed. SAIC Motor Corp, China's largest carmaker, would not comment on speculation about acquisitions. "Picking up car component units overseas is possible, but the Chinese industry has its own problems," said a mergers and acquisitions banker. "They are all quite concerned about the domestic market and while they have the cash they don't know what things will look like." US lawmakers are considering a US$34 billion (27 billion Euro) bailout of the carmakers, which is more than a third more than intervention will happen," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at a briefing as GM, Chrysler and Ford sent their aid requests to Congress. "Everybody is disadvantaged by bankruptcy, including our economy, so that's not an option." GM wants to reduce its total debt of US$62 billion (48,8 billion Euro), including obligations to a health-care fund, to about US$30 billion (23,6 billion Euro), according to the plan. Chrysler called its request a "bridge loan" to cover immediate expenses. It is also expected to upgrade plants to produce more fuelefficient vehicles with US$6 billion (4,7 billion Euro) in government loans. Ford's proposal in-cludes investing about US$14 billion (11 billion Euro) over the next seven years to improve vehicle fuel efficiency. The second-largest US carmaker also will explore the sale of its Volvo unit. Guangzhou Automotive Industry Corp, China's sixth-largest carmaker, has shown an interest in the Volvo passenger car business before, but said it was not eager to expand by acquiring global car assets.
    Source: Dow Jones Online, 2.12.2008, P.4
    the industry request they turned down last month. GM, the largest US carmaker, has said it needs US$4 billion (3,15 billion Euro) this month and US$4 (3,15 billion Euro) billion by the end of next month to stay in business. GM's total request is US$18 billion (14 billion Euro). Ford wants US$9 billion (7 billion Euro) and Chrysler says it needs US$7 billion (5.5 billion Euro) right away. "I believe that an
    Russia’s TagAZ kicks-off Chery A5 assembling line
    Russia's Taganrogsky Avtomobilny Zavod (TagAZ) has launched assembly of the Chery A5 sedan from Chinese-built CKD kits, according to Wardsauto.com. Chery Automobile Co. Ltd.'s A5, sold as the Chery Fora in Russia up to now, has been renamed the Vortex Estina. Equipped with a 1.6L engine, the Vortex Estina carries a base price tag of about 11304 euro. A 2.0L version will be offered as well. Although Chinese cars are assembled by other Russian companies, TagAZ is the first to build from CKD kits. TagAZ also plans to begin assembly of the Chery Tiggo CUV in the future. TagAZ sold 56,558 vehicles in the first six months of the year, up 87.6 percent from the same period of 2007. TagAZ builds, from CKD kits, the previous-generation Hyundai Accent, Elantra, Sonata and Santa Fe, as well as the Hyundai Porter light commercial vehicle. In addition, the company launched assembly of previousgeneration Ssangyong models under its own brand earlier this year. Chery cars were previously built in Russia by ZAO Avtotor, but the company phased out assembly in March. It produced 40,002 Chery cars from SKD kits last year, including 12,099 Tiggo CUVs, 19,831 Amulet (called Qiyun in the Chinese market) sedans and 8,072 Fora sedans, according to the report.
    Source: CAR 08/10 p. 26
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 17
    Russian car market repellent for Chinese OEM
    Russian auto market has rapidly developed in recent years. Up till the first half of this year, it has become the largest market in Europe, so it has attracted many investing enterprises including those from China. However, experts point out that currently domestic enterprises hold the unanimous view that great potential exists in Russian market. As a result, they rush to settle in Russia, in a blind way to a large extent. Industrial assembly is restarted and limit is set for Chinese auto maker Industrial assembly policy is one of the relevant policies for import into Russian auto market. It is reported that in November last year, the country stopped its preferential policy of reducing and exempting tariff on imported auto parts for foreign auto manufacturers. Before then, the industrial assembly has concluded 23 foreign auto industrial assembly agreements. Due to scale, investment and technology elements, Chinese enterprises fail to be listed into the chart. However, on September 9 this year, Stanislav Voskleshinski, Deputy Director of Economic Development of Russia, indiated that Economic Development of Russia plans to recover the system to conclude with foreign auto enterprises the agreement on conducting auto “industrial assembly” in Russia. For those auto manufacturers that previously submitted application, time limit for examination and approval of the industrial assembly agreement will be extended to December 31 next year. Currently, this policy is limited in the far cast region of Russia firstly. Chinese car entered Russian market in 2004. By Jan 1 this year, Russia has implemented the system of Revision 1 of Certification System Rule of Motor Vehicle and Trailer. In the system, there are 15 items concerning certification of small batch of car vehicles. Certification for small batch car vehicle means that small batch of cars vehicles with quantity below 100 entering Russian market for short-term purpose only need simple Brands test. Therefore, 1. Chevrolet many enterprises 2. Hyundai in China have 3. Ford entered Russian 4. Toyota market in this way 5. Nissan 6. Mistubishi at the very begin7. Renault ning. However, on 8. Opel and after Decemb- 9. Dacwoo 10. Kia er 10 last year, Russia has estab- 11. Mazda 12. Honda lished a new stan- 13. Skoda dard, namely 14. Suzuki 15. Revision 1 stanVolkswagen dard. That indi16. Peugeot 17. FIAT cates that Russia 18. Volvo will upgrade the 19. Land standard to certify Rover Subaru imported auto and 20. Chery 21. items for test will 22. BMW 23. Audi be markedly increased. The stan- 24. MercedesBenz 25. Ssang dard has also stipulated that from Yong 26. Lexus July 1 on. Russia 27. Great Wall has cancelled the 28. Citroen 29. qualification for Volkswagen Business Car simplified forma30. Infiniti lities for import of 31. BYD 32. Dodge small batch of 33. Lifan products that is 34. Jeep granted to coun35. MercedesBenz Business tries other than Car member counties 36. IKCO 37. Porsche of Geneva Agree38. FAW ments (1958), Business Car 39. Cadillac including China. 40. SEAT That also means 41. Jaguar that Russian has 42. Chrysler no certification for 43. Saab 44. Maxus small batch for import of Chinese 45. MINI 46. Hafei auto. They just sell 47. Hummer cars, regardless of 48. Alfa Romeo service. There is 49. Brilliance
    no established after-sale service system and auto maintenance, service and auto parts supply have lagged behind seriously. Such situation has undermined further expansion of Chinese cars into Russian market. The Sales of Foreign Passenger Cars in the First Half of 2008 in Russia
    H1 2008 125701 102814 97626 88747 77547 59275 56590 53523 52525 49681 38102 34926 23950 21344 20584 20331 13163 12250 10459 10087 9891 8913 8660 8526 7395 7353 5409 4901 4661 3181 2957 2255 1958 1572 1429 1301 1144 1096 905 874 853 811 639 500 497 467 370 172 122 1058037 H1 2007 (Units) 84467 53885 81782 72331 52053 37313 45169 27379 40446 32568 20937 13610 13035 13659 13273 10384 9456 8757 5060 6952 18558 6717 7272 7131 5641 6944 2580 5221 2360 2320 534 1048 1010 1344 2218 1116 1164 601 521 689 354 339 739 305 557 719799 Growth (%) 49% 91% 19% 23% 49% 59% 25% 95% 30% 53% 82% 157% 84% 56% 55% 96% 39% 40% 107% 45% -47% 33% 19% 20% 11% 6% 110% 6% 98% 37% 454% 115% -% 56% 6% -41% 5% -6% 51% -% 64% 18% 81 47 -37 21 -69 47
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    REGION Focus: Japan, Malaysia
    Page 18
    Japan car sales hit a 34-year low
    TOYOTA and Nissan led the biggest drop in Japan's auto sales in 34 years as the country's recession and wage cuts damped demand. Sales of cars, trucks and buses, excluding minicars, fell 27 percent to 215,783 in November, the Japan Automobile Dealers Association said yesterday. Sales dropped 28 percent at Toyota, Japan's largest auto maker, and 30 percent at Nissan. Domestic sales for South Korea's five auto makers dropped to the lowest in more than three years, Bloomberg News said. Japan's auto makers have slashed their earnings forecasts for this fiscal year as declining wages and tight credit curb consumer spending. Wages in the world's second-largest economy dropped for the first time this year in October as companies cut overtime payments by the most in more than six years. "If income and wealth don't rise, consumption won't either," said Mitsuo Shimizu, a Tokyo-based analyst at Cosmo Securities. "Large purchases like cars are particularly vulnerable." Prime Minister Taro Aso announced a 41.74-billion-euro stimulus package in October to boost consumer spending, and the Bank of Japan cut the benchmark rate to 0.3 percent to encourage lending. Low sentiment "The financial crisis is exacerbating already low consumer sentiment," JADA Director Takeshi Fushimi said, adding that car sales for the year may be the lowest since 1974. Excluding the Lexus brand, Toyota's sales fell to 106,342 vehicles and Nissan's dropped to 30,134. Honda's slumped 22 percent to 29,448 last month. Mazda's fell 33 percent to 9,699 vehicles. Toyota lost 1.8 percent to 24.59 euro at the close of trading in Tokyo. Nissan slumped 2.8 percent and Honda dropped 2.9 percent. South Korea's domestic auto sales dropped 27 percent to 74,217 in November. Hyundai, the country's biggest car maker, reported a 34-percent decline to 35,902. Sales at GM Daewoo, ranked third, plunged 57 percent. Kia, the second-largest, said sales rose 3.7 percent, making it the sole gainer among the five car makers in South Korea. Japanese companies plan to fire about 30,000 temporary and part-time workers before the end of the business year in March, the Labor Ministry said last week. Toyota will cut its domestic temporary workforce by 3,000 jobs, or 50 percent, by the end of March. Nissan Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn has called for governments in the United States, Europe and Japan to aid car makers to prevent more job losses.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-12-02 p. B5
    Proton feel heat of home market
    PROTON Holdings Bhd, Malaysia's state-owned car maker, said its home market will become "increasingly challenging" in a global recession, as the company set aside funds for higher material and component costs. Proton spent more money making cars than it generated in revenue selling them in the three months to September 30, it said in a statement to the stock exchange in Kuala Lumpur last week. Income from servicing vehicles pulled the company into profit. The car maker needs to produce automobiles on a larger scale to compete globally after scrapping talks last year for a partnership with Volkswagen AG, analysts have said. Malaysia's government expects domestic economic growth to drop to 3.5 percent in 2009, the slowest pace in eight years, Bloomberg News said. "On the international front, the impact of the global financial and economic crisis and the volatility of foreign currency markets is expected to further deteriorate the business environment," Proton said. Fiscal second-quarter profit surged to 43.8 million ringgit (9.54 million euro) from 0.76 million euro a year earlier after new models were unveiled. Sales rose 41 percent to 400.44 million euro, Proton said. Operating expenses rose 38 percent to 400.66 million euro. Proton said it made 11.63 million euro in "other operating revenue," mostly from servicing cars. The company didn't specify how much it set aside for higher material costs. Proton has fallen 51 percent this year while the key stock index has dropped 40 percent.
    Source: Shanghai Daily 2008-12-01 p. B11
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 19
    Wonder Auto Technology to produce e-motor for cars
    Wonder Auto Technology Announces Penetration into New Energy Auto Market - Auto News from November 17, 2008 Jinzhou city, Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. ("Wonder Auto" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer of automotive electrics, suspension products and engine accessories in China, announced that one of its subsidiaries, Jinzhou Wonder Motor Co. Ltd ("Jinzhou Motor"), has entered into a development agreement with Korean CT&T Co. Ltd. ("Korean CT&T"). Jinzhou Motor will design and manufacture electric motor and driver products for Korean CT&T's electric vehicles. The products will have the following specifications: Voltage: 48V 120V; Power: 4kw - 12Kw; Model: Traction motor and wheel-in-motor. As scheduled in the agreement, Jinzhou Motor will deliver the first sample of traction motors and drivers of 72V, 7Kw to Korean CT& T for road testing by the end of March 2009, while batch deliveries will begin from June 2009. Korean CT&T will purchase, in priority, all motor and driver products developed by Jinzhou Motor according to the agreement, and the total expected purchase volume will be approximately $330 million from 2010 to 2013. Korean CT&T is a specialized manufacturer of electric vehicles categorized as e-zone, utility vehicles for country clubs, and c-zone, including two- and four-seater family cars, sightseeing cars, golf-course carts and those used for police patrols, etc. Its main manufacturing facilities are located in Korea, China and Canada. Wonder Auto has been dedicated to the research and development of core components of electric vehicles for years. Foreseeing the great potential of new energy automobiles (including electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles), the Company founded Jinzhou Motor in early 2007, so as to become one of the few suppliers of core components for new energy vehicles in the world. starter products, which is in line with our strategy of developing new products by sharing existing resources. It also represents our strategic decision of providing core components for the newenergy auto market, including electrical and hybrid vehicles, which, no doubt, will contribute to the sustainable and fast growth of Wonder Auto." About Wonder Auto Based in Jinzhou City, Liaoning, China, Wonder Auto Technology, Inc., through its Chinese subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures and sells automotive electrics, suspension products and engine accessories. Wonder Auto was ranked second in sales revenue in the China market for automotive alternator and starter in 2007. With respective 5 different series and over 150 models of alternators, 70 models of starters, various suspension, engine related parts, the Company supplies to a wide range of automakers, engine producers and auto parts suppliers both domestically and internationally. Wonder Auto's main customers include Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, Shenyang Aerospace, Mitsubishi Motors Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Harbin Dongan Automotive Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tianjin FAW Xiali Automotive Co., Ltd, Shanghai VW and Weifang Diesel Engine.
    Source: http://www.watg.cn
    Typical e-motor for EV-freaks The Company has invested $1.1 million in building up the capacity of Jinzhou Motor. By June 2009, the expected annual production capacity will be about 400,000 sets of electric motors and drivers. Mr. Qingjie ZHAO, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wonder Auto, said: "The electric motor products for this Korean customer is just an extension of our
    Hutchinson Rubber opened Suzhou plant
    On October 29, Hutchinson Industrial Rubber Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. involving an investment of RMB 120 million launched opening ceremony in Suzhou Industrial Park. Hutchinson is a subsidiary specializing in rubber products under Total Group. Its Suzhou-based plant will mainly produce seal ring, sealant, convey belt and shockabsorbing device and serve the sealing shock-absorbing and noise-reducing filed in the railway, aviation, automobile and construction industry markets.
    Source: Shanghai Auto News 2008-11-16 p. 04
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    SUPPLIER Corner
    Page 20
    Magna Steyr expansion plans in China
    Recently, Magna Steyr formally announced its establishment of new engineering R&D center in Changchun. Up till now, Magna Steyr has formed the strategic layout of taking foothold in Shanghai, Wuhan and Changchun and covering three automobile groups in China. In recent months, domestic auto market has presented a bit of chill under impact of world financial tsunami. Why does Magna Steyr expand its domain in China against the chill? In this regard, HU Nan, General Manager of Magna Steyr (China) Greater China Region indicates: compared with the countries of developed auto industry who are undergoing “subtraction”, Chinese market has greater potential for development. Establishment of new R&D center in Changchun not only expresses Magna Steyr’s confidence about Chinese auto market, but also is the company’s performance of its commitment to develop in China. Additionally, Changchun is a key city of auto industry in North China, so settlement in Changchun will greatly improve ability of Magna Steyr to serve the customer in the north. In August 2004, Magna Steyr set up representative office in Shanghai. In October of second year, it started the first complete vehicle product engineering design project in Changchun; in February last year, Magna Steyr established its company (China) in Shanghai; and in May last year and October this year, Wuhan Branch and Changchun R&D Center got into operation in succession. It is reported that Wuhan branch specializing in providing product manufacture engineering service and Changchun R&D Center will become the key R&D base of Magna Steyr for bodywork and chassis in China. Up till now, Magna Steyr has primarily formed a network serving customers across the country that is centered on Shanghai Headquarters, with Wuhan and Changchun as the two wings. Moreover, it has established cooperation with independentbrand auto enterprises such as FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen and Shenlong Auto, as well as SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle, Chery and Brilliance Auto, presenting sound momentum of development. Independent automobile design company with mass production of complete vehicles. Over recent decades, Magna Steyr has provided OEM business for famous international automobile manufacturers like BMW, Benz, Saab and Chrysler. It is annual production of complete vehicles exceeds 200,000. Therefore, different from common engineering design companies, based on its rich experiences in mass production of complete vehicles, Magna Steyr provides engineering and design solutions that have higher feasibility for production. HU Nan added that, to meet the requirement of reducing time consumption and cost in complete vehicle development, Magna Steyr also takes the lead in the world in term of virtual simulated design. For instance, generally it takes 3 to 4 years to develop a whole-new automobile by traditional method. In 2006, Steyr only spent 17 months to develop a whole-new car model for a European customer. Moreover, in the whole process, no sample car has been made, greatly accelerating entry of the new car model into the market and effectively reducing the cost for car development. Mixed team with competitive edge of cost As regard to the hard problem of how oversea automobile design company solves the problems of high cost and “unaccustomed situation” when starting business in China, HU Nan explains that human resource cost accounts for a large part in the auto design project budget. Therefore, as Magna Steyr undertakes domestic automobile engineering design project budget. Therefore, as Magna Steyr undertakes domestic automobile engineering design project, it adopts the mixed team composed of European experts and local engineers trained by Magna Steyr. Practice has proved that the mixed team can effectively reduce cost and at the same time avoid language and cultural barriers, and then further greatly improve communication between the design company and the automobile manufacturer and service efficiency. Looking into the future, Hu Nan indicates Magna Steyr has powerful automobile engineering design ability in the world and is willing to fully support the developmental planning of domestic automobile products. Meanwhile, Magna Steyr is deeply aware of American regulations on automobile and thus can help independent-brand automobiles take less detours to enter markets of the developed countries. Additionally, Magna Steyr also has strong technical power in the field of new-energy vehicle and can inject a new power into the green progress of Chinese automobile.
    Source: Shanghai Auto News 2008-11-16 p. 07
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    SUPPLIER Corner
    Page 21
    Beijing Benz-Daimler to increase local content and keep quality standard
    Recently, Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd. and its shareholders held the Chinese supplier conference in Beijing, in a bid to attract more Chinese suppliers to go on promoting progress of localization and deepen their understanding about the strict quality standard needed for production of Mercedes-Benz car. Mr. BUCHEK, President and CEO of Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd. indicated that “BBDC supplier convention provides a golden chance for Chinese local and international suppliers to discuss about development in the future. BBDC is promoting implementation of localization work. It is important that we keep the fruitful and opening dialogue with key cooperators in the supply chain, particularly for the purpose of improve the highquality standard, cost, logistic and technical level we expect.” Mr. HUA Lixin, Board Chairman and CEO of Daimler Northeast Asia, indicated that “besides increasing their business in BBDC, suppliers participating in the convention also have the opportunity to support other businesses of Daimler in China. As we continue to expand production of car and commercial vehicle with Chinese cooperation partners, quantity of auto parts we purchased in China will go on its exponential growth. Daimler has a long-term commitment to Chinese market and we will go on promoting localized production.” The supplier convention lasting for a day enabled Chinese supplier to obtain the first-hand information and in-depth understanding about the developmental plan and strategy of Beiqi Foton and Daimler and to get to know about status que of localization and the plan for the future. The convention also arranged the suppliers to visit the multiple production lines of BBDC and to conduct group discussion. From now on to 2010, Daimler and its cooperators will purchase auto parts with value beyond RMB 2,5 billion Euro for their production in China, exceeding the value of 330 million Euro in 2008.
    Source: Shanghai Auto News 2008-11-02 p. 04
    YAPP independent developer of fuel tanks
    On October 23, YAPP Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. held the ceremony for the 1000th plastic fuel tank going down the production line in its Yangzhou Factory, erecting a new milestone for YAPP’s road of independent development. For 20 years, YAPP has attained considerable achievement in expansion of production scale, improvement of R&D power, realization of technology export and factory building abroad, etc, and have established example for how auto part industry can seek for independent development. Seize opportunity and endeavor to create business In 1987, when some large domestic enterprises with technology and power are hesitating about whether to take over the plastic fuel tank assembly for Santana cars, the “hard bone”
    Nov-Dec 2008
    for domestic production, the former Second Plastic Factory of Yangzhou saw an opportunity. On December 1988 YAPP was established as a joint investment of Second Plastic Factory of Yangzhou and National Electromechanical and Textile Investment Corporation.
    serial production and increased production line, incl. the Santana, Jetta and Fukang model. YAPP has learned now understand how to produce gas tanks for passenger car. Later, YAPP has attracted of State Development and Investment Corp and SAIC Group as two major shareholders, winning new opportunity for YAPP’s developmnet. Independent R&D fueled YAPPs growth Continuous rapid growth of YAPP over 20 years is to a large extent attributable to its priority to R&D work. It is reported that R&D investment every year is not lower than RMB 30 million and YAPP has an R&D team that is driven by foreign exports and has the greatest number of researchers in the same industry in Asia. At the same time, YAPP has
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Since then, a small-scale that evolves item production of wooden cases to manufacture of common civilian plastic products has started its course of business. A year later, plastic oil tanks of YAPP Santana Cars kicked-off
    SUPPLIER Corner
    invested 12 million Euro to establish an auto fuel tank system R&D center that integrates R&D and production, test and formulation of product standard and has the worldlevel ability to meet the demand for synchronous development of the latest product models for domestic and foreign customers. It is reported that YAPP realized production and sale of 1.75 million fuel tanks last year and attained income of over RMB 1.2 billion, stably taking over 50% share of domestic car plastic fuel tank market. Scientific development and global operation Up till now, YAPP not only is the largest supplier of auto fuel system in domestic market, but also ranks in the top 6 enterprises in the same industry in international community. YAPP brand has also been recognized by international automobile field. In August this year, YAPP won commendation by Ford QI after the first batch of QI certification of Ford China in 2003. In the same month, YAPP also won the matching project for three car models of Volkswagen in Russia. Besides export of products to oversea
    Page 22
    market, YAPP also has its global operation break the record of Chinese auto part industry. In September 2005, YAPP provided Indian Zoom Corporation with fuel tank technical support and became the first Chinese enterprise that outputs plastic fuel tank technology to foreign country. On November 22nd 2007, YAPP formally signed the contract on establishing a joint venture in India, where YAPP holds 51%, and became the first plastic fuel tank supplier in India.
    Source: Shanghai Auto News, 2.11.08, p. 06
    Botou county in Hebei province: City of automotive die maker
    Botou, a county in Hebei Province, produces no car and has no automobile assembly factory in the scope of radios of over 100km, but conglomerates a group of dies enterprises and is called the “town of automotive dies”. In 2007, sales income of the auto dies industry attained 129 mio. Euro. It is reported that Botou has 32 auto dies manufacturing enterprises, with total automotive dies output accounting for 90% of Hebei Province and taking for 16% of share in the whole industry. Currently, most of the automotive die making enterprises in Botou have been using state-of-the-art adopt CAD/CAM/CAE deign software. They are capable of accepting various number modules and have the ability to conduct reverse engineering design and tridimensional entity die design and to conduct design and production of dies for light-duty truck, heavy-duty truck, pick-up truck, SUV, SPV minibus and passenger cars.
    Botou has participated in match making organisations for over 40 famous domestic and foreign auto manufacturing enterprises including FAW, SVW, Hafei, SGMW, Chery, Guangzhou Honda, etc. and has established good business ties with worldrenowned auto manufacturing enterprises like Japanese Honda and American Ford.
    Source: Shanghai Auto News 2008-11-02 p. 06
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    EVENTS 2008
    Page 23
    Upcoming Automotive Fairs & Exhibitions
    January 11-13, 2009 Autoparts Middle East Dubai World Trade Center http://www.autopartsdubai.com/ February 23-25, 2009 The 7th China (Guangzhou) international Auto Parts Expo 2009 Pazhou International Sourcing Center http://www.ciape.cn/ March 6-9, 2009 Guangzhou (International) Auto Aftermarket Exhibition 2009 China Import and Export Fair http://www.18-yf.com/ March 25-28, 2009 Automechanika Asia 2009 Kuala Lumper Convention Center http://www.messefrankfurt.com.hk/fair_homepage.aspx? fair_id=12&exhibition_id=12 April 1-3, 2009 The 6th China International Rubber & Tyre Industry (Qingdao) Exhibition Convention Center, Qingdao http://www.rubbere.com/en/default.asp 2009 Auto Shanghai Shanghai International Expo Center http://www.autoshanghai.net 2009 The 8th Qingdao International Auto Show Qingdao International Convention & Exhibition Center, Qingdao http://www.autoqingdao.com September 9-11, 2009 The 7th China International Tire Expo (CITEXPO 2009) Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center http://www.citexpo.com.cn China/Shanghai U.A.E/Dubai T:+971-4 3435777 China/Guangzhou T:+86-20-61308988 China/Guangzhou T:+86-20-62634718 Malaysia/Kuala Lumper
    April 22-28, 2009
    China/Shanghai T:+86-21-62792828 China/Shandong
    May 21-25, 2009
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 24
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Page 25
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    STATISTICS: Sales & Production Data Passenger Vehicle Sales 11/08
    Sales 11/08 Sales 10/08 Sales 11/07 Change on prev. Month 2008 Change same month last year YTD sales 08 YTD sales 07 YTD Change on previous year
    Page 26
    MPV 13,274 13,200 18,690 0.6% -29.0% 171,015 194,485 -12.1%
    SUV 33,551 31,823 31,511 5.4% 6.5% 380,387 296,755 28.2%
    Micro- and minibus 84,175 74,428 89,200 13.1% -5.6% 976,139 914,682 6.7%
    Total 492,710 512,007 533,096 -3.8% -7.6% 5,788,345 5,394,919 7.3%
    361,710 392,556 393,695 -7.9% -8.1% 4,260,804 3,988,997 6.8%
    Passenger Vehicle Production 11/08
    Micro- and minibus 74,464 80,651 98,912 -7.7% -24.7% 975,657 907,248 7.5%
    Production 11/08 Production 10/08 Production 11/07 Change on prev. Month 2008 Change same month last year YTD production 08 YTD production 07 YTD Change on previous year
    MPV 15,235 12,388 18,618 23.0% -18.2% 177,478 192,924 -8.0%
    SUV 37,297 38,085 37,759 -2.1% -1.2% 435,301 329,057 32.3%
    Total 535,548 512,049 605,891 4.6% -11.6% 6,146,782 5,706,686 7.7%
    408,552 380,925 450,602 7.3% -9.3% 4,558,346 4,277,457 6.6%
    Car+MPV+SUV Domestic Sales Ranking 11/08
    41786 36177 29434
    27993 23323 23009 22234 21341 15845 15154
    Source: CPCA Monthly Analyse
    Nov-Dec 2008
    ?? Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
    Car Sales dropped in November 2008 Reach us at our Shanghai Office
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    Y2005 533668 511104 450318 429245 453419 429891 387576 376546 437579 408535 Y2006 Y2007 Y2008
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    550 safer ???? JAC cautious to enter US market ???? Interview with Chery EU sales Publisher: Automotive Business Consulting Ltd.
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    Nov-Dec 2008
    ??Your Business Success is Our Obligation“
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